OSHA Compliance

New OSHA Courses Round Out Compliance Programs   Reducing risk and creating a safe work environment is easier than ever with our two new OSHA Compliance courses. Our OSHA courses are restaurant-specific, set in front-of-house (FOH) and back-of-house (BOH) restaurant environments with restaurant workers dressed in restaurant uniforms. At only 10 minutes each, these mobile-ready e-learning… Read More

Reduce Risk & Create a Respectful Workplace

New EEO & Diversity Courses Designed for Hourly Employees The need for anti-discrimination and diversity training doesn’t stop with your managers.  To ensure that employees and guests are treated with dignity and respect, hourly team members also need an understanding of Equal Employment Opportunity laws and an appreciation of diversity in the workplace.  Our newly redesigned, mobile-friendly compliance courses… Read More


Your best managers know the value of ongoing learning and development, so help them make it a top priority with our two new Personal Development courses: Improving How You’re Perceived – As leaders take on more responsibility, how they are perceived by employees, superiors and guests becomes even more critical to their success. Help your managers learn… Read More

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Develop Excellent Communicators with E-learning In a people-centric business like ours, strong communication skills are absolutely essential.  Help your managers take their skills to the next level, with two new mobile-friendly courses: The Art of Weekly Meetings:  Improve team communication by teaching your managers how to hold effective weekly meetings. In this course managers will… Read More


Improve guest experience with e-learning designed specifically for hospitality managers. With hospitality as the cornerstone of the restaurant and hotel industries, it’s crucial to equip your managers with the skills they need to make guest-centered decisions and set the stage for great service.  Our two new hospitality courses help managers develop and practice critical skills that… Read More

The Challenge of Managing Managers

Developing managers is very different from developing hourly employees.  While new general managers are accustomed to coaching and leading team members, they often struggle to make the proper adjustments required to manage other managers.   General managers need to use special techniques to turn their top team members and managers into superstars.  That’s why we’ve introduced… Read More

Improve Leadership Performance Through E-Learning

Check out our new manager development courses! Today we’re introducing two brand new leadership and team development courses that were developed specifically for managers in the hospitality industry.  With engaging features like interactive simulators and situational practice activities, these mobile-ready courses allow restaurant and hotel managers to quickly gain competence in critical management skills.          … Read More

Go Mobile with Two of our Most Popular Safety Courses

Food Safety Awareness & Workplace Safety Awareness are new and improved in HTML5 These essential employee compliance courses have been rebuilt to work on mobile devices, providing maximum flexibility in deploying this critical content. Supported operating systems include iOS (iPad), Android and Windows. These e-learning courses were created with efficiency in mind.  They focus on teaching important food safety and… Read More

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Today we released a brand new e-learning course called “Operating Within Your Budget.”  Designed specifically for restaurants and hotels, this mobile-ready course will teach managers to proactively manage their operating budget. Improve profits and achieve corporate goals with better financial management Our hospitality-focused  financial management courses help restaurant and hotel managers become proficient in key skills… Read More


Although e-learning has long been utilized by industries such as health care, energy and finance, until recently, the foodservice industry has lagged behind in implementing this training technology. Cost of developing the technological infrastructure necessary to reach the foodservice industry’s diverse work force is a major obstacle. However, as pioneering foodservice organizations are adopting e-learning… Read More