The Challenge of Managing Managers

Developing managers is very different from developing hourly employees.  While new general managers are accustomed to coaching and leading team members, they often struggle to make the proper adjustments required to manage other managers.


General managers need to use special techniques to turn their top team members and managers into superstars.  That’s why we’ve introduced a new  Team Development program.  This 3-course e-learning package will teach general managers how to effectively grow their talent through delegation, coaching and cross-training.


Cross Training- Increase Your Total TalentCross-Training:  Increase Your Total Talent” improves the stability of your team by cross-training your top performers.  This course shows managers how to prioritize cross-training needs and select the best candidates for cross-training.  Armed with this knowledge, leaders can reduce attrition and simplify scheduling for their restaurant.


Delegation- Groom Your Next SuperstarDelegation:  Groom Your Next Superstar” helps you grow the overall talent of your staff by teaching leaders how to effectively delegate to managers.  This course explores the differences between delegating to managers and team members, and lets learners practice multiple delegation approaches.  Employing ongoing team development at every level gives managers more time to focus on the big picture.


Coaching- Invest in ImprovementCoaching:  Invest in Improvement” helps you boost the performance of your team by teaching your aspiring general managers the fundamentals of effective manager coaching. This course helps facilitate the shift in mindset that is needed for new general managers to transition from coaching team members to coaching managers.


All three of these mobile-ready leadership development courses were created specifically for managers in the hospitality industry.  With engaging features like situational practice activities and interactive exploration of best practices from other general managers, these courses allow your leaders to quickly gain competence in critical management skills.


These courses are available individually or as a Team Development package.

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