DiscoverLink Talent Sign-off Forms & Biometric Authentication

New Content Type Enables E-signature Sign-off

Sign-off Forms are a new content item that can be incorporated into Learning Programs to confirm  compliance or agreement with:

  • Employee handbook review
  • Harassment prevention policies
  • Diversity and inclusion policies
  • Code of conduct policies
  • Uniform and/or equipment receipt
  • Skill position certification
  • Any other sign-offs you require

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Fully Customizable

Sign-off Forms can be incorporated into any Learning Program, and are treated just as any other content item, with options for prerequisites, sequencing, conditions, bookshelves, etc.  Customization options include:

  • Creating forms in multiple languages
  • Providing instructions that appear at the top of the form
  • Defining up to five response options for the form
  • Including optional comment fields for each item
  • Identifying red flag responses
  • Specifying e-signatures required by employees and/or managers, including the option for remote sign-off
  • Copying an existing Sign-off Form to use as a starting point when creating a new one
sign-off form