DiscoverLink Talent

Secure Sign-Off Release

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve security measures across DiscoverLink Talent, we have introduced a new option for Secure Sign-Off. This campus setting works independently of the new password security measures recently released, so you can use Secure Sign-Off regardless of password options selected.

Secure Sign-Off provides an added layer of security for the following features:

  • Certification Tracker
  • Checklists
  • Sign-Off Forms
  • Workbooks

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Streamlined Remote Sign-Off

In addition to the Secure Sign-Off option described below, managers will no longer need to enter their ID and password separately for Remote Sign-Off. The system will authenticate them based on their existing logged-in status.

New Secure Sign-Off Option

When Secure Sign-Off is selected, the Manager On-Site Sign-Off option will not be available and Manager Remote Sign-Off will be selected by default. Managers will then be required to log in to DiscoverLink Talent before signing off. If the manager is accessing DiscoverLink Talent on the same device and browser as the learner, the learner will first need to log off so the manager can log in to perform the sign-off action.

secure sign-off

More Consistent Experience

We also took the opportunity to true up the language and layouts used for sign-off options on these features so your experience will now be more consistent across each of them.

If you have any questions, would like to schedule one-on-one training on this new feature, or would like to have Secure Sign-Off enabled on your campus, please contact your Client Services Manager at