Great Leaders Never Stop Learning


Your best managers know the value of ongoing learning and development, so help them make it a top priority with our two new Personal Development courses:

  • Improving How You’re Perceived – As leaders take on more responsibility, how they are perceived by employees, superiors and guests becomes even more critical to their success. Help your managers learn the nuances of professional communication on the phone, in email, in social media and in person. Managers will find out how to improve verbal and non-verbal communication to better manage how others perceive them.
  • Social Learning – Successful managers are skilled at the art of working their personal networks to get information, collaborate on ideas and continue their own learning and development. Today those networks are not only personal, but also virtual, and this presents a new challenge for leaders to master. This fast-paced course will quickly give your managers the tools and techniques they need to take advantage of social learning, in all of its various forms.

With hospitality-specific scenarios to illustrate each concept, these mobile-ready courses will give your leadership team skills they can apply immediately.

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