Perkins Improved Training for the Front-Line and Reduced Turnover with DiscoverLink Talent

Perkins partnered with DiscoverLink in the Spring of 2017 to implement DiscoverLink Talent learning management system (LMS) for all company restaurants. By replacing paper-based training with online training, Perkins was able to boost the capability of trainees in the same amount of time or less. In addition, Perkins reversed the turnover trends seen in recent years.

Perkins came to DiscoverLink looking to enhance communication and training on key initiatives for front-line team members and improve hourly new hire retention in increasingly competitive business and employment environments. While Perkins operates 400 restaurants in 33 states and 5 Canadian provinces, the focus was on the 134 company-owned restaurants.

Industry case studies had demonstrated that implementing an LMS had a real and rapid impact on reducing turnover of new hires. With the implementation of DiscoverLink Talent, Perkins expected an impact on labor dollars invested in new hire training and an impact on operations in terms of new hire churn. After implementation, they saw a reversal in turnover trends within the first 30 days for new team members, despite a backdrop of continued low unemployment.

The implementation of DiscoverLink Talent allowed Perkins to improve clarity and efficiency in training tools, provide a clear training path with up-to-date materials, and elevate the level of competency of trainees in the same or less time compared to the previous print-based system. One user described the positive impact the implementation had on training the front-line: “LMS courses are clear for visual learning — trainees can work a position for a few hours, then go back to the LMS and continue a course or take the test — it seems to turn the light bulb on! I think it also keeps the learner on track, rather than skipping through a book and not knowing if they really read it. The online training also helps with record keeping and cuts down on paper and training book costs.”

Another user highlighted the just-in-time benefit of the implementation: “The LMS puts the trainee more in control of their training. It has expanded the manager candidate’s ability to drive their training time and truly can make it ‘just in time, just for me,’ as they work through modules with their trainers. New team members can set the pace of their training, and partner with their Regional Training Unit managers more effectively.”

LMS Provides Consistent Training and Increases Team Engagement

Incorporating DiscoverLink Talent into a new restaurant opening in Salina, KS showed immediate benefits by providing consistent systems training for the franchise manager in advance of the restaurant opening. This consistency carried over to the catch-up training provided for new hires during and shortly after pre-opening week and into opening week. The electronic system provided the transparency necessary to manage training and development through the critical 30 days after the training teams left the new site. This improvement in execution was also seen during training for a limited time offer (LTO).

An added benefit of DiscoverLink Talent was the survey functionality. Perkins had been struggling to find the best way to capture team members’ engagement. Paper surveys and other electronic survey options were not practical because it required a great deal of manual calculation and manual data entry. By using the survey functionality, Perkins was able to execute the first engagement survey in recent years, allowing team members to provide feedback easily on their timetable. Most importantly, the resulting data is trackable and contained in history. This was a big win for both team members and the human resources and training teams.

“The Perkins training team and I could not be happier with the entire DiscoverLink team!” said Craig Story, Senior Manager of Training and Development for Perkins. “They are all in, from answering simple questions on the chat link quickly, to handling complex issues in a timeframe that just works. Customer service has been stellar! I’m also impressed with the continuous focus on enhancements, which makes working with the system, for both front line users and content managers intuitive and natural.”

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