Ensure a Safe Work Environment with Two New Safety Courses

New OSHA Courses Round Out Compliance Programs

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Reducing risk and creating a safe work environment is easier than ever with our two new OSHA Compliance courses. Our OSHA courses are restaurant-specific, set in front-of-house (FOH) and back-of-house (BOH) restaurant environments with restaurant workers dressed in restaurant uniforms. At only 10 minutes each, these mobile-ready e-learning courses provide a fast way to ensure the safety of your employees and guests:

  • OSHA Fire Safety – Educate your employees on fire safety before a fire occurs. Fire can spread rapidly, so quick reaction is essential to the safety of employees and guests. This course prepares employees to respond quickly and safely should a fire occur by following OSHA fire safety training guidelines.
  • OSHA Slips, Trips and Falls – Reduce the risk of slips, trips, and falls by educating your employees on common workplace hazards and basic ladder safety. This course teaches employees how to be aware of and properly remove various slip, trip, and fall hazards It follows OSHA guidelines for workplace hazard training in restaurant-related context.







These courses are the latest additions to our OSHA program, which is a part of our compliance curriculum. Our compliance coursework can be quickly implemented in your organization to sharpen the skills and knowledge of managers and employees and help your team become experts at following the rules.  Other available compliance programs include:

Employee HR Compliance

This program covers key topics like diversity, discrimination and fair hiring practices.  It teaches employees to treat co-workers and guests as they would like to be treated and helps to promote a respectful work environment.

Employee Safety Compliance

Reduce liability risk and avoid negative publicity through interactive training that helps ensure the physical safety of your customers and employees.  This comprehensive program includes courses that address food safety, proper handling of allergens, safe alcohol service and workplace security.

Manager Menu Compliance

Maintaining knowledge of nutritional information and allergens is a critical responsibility of a restaurant manager.  This program trains managers on the basics of menu labeling requirements as well as how to prevent and deal with allergic reactions in their restaurant.

Manager Data Compliance

Reduce the risk of compromised data by instilling strategies for safeguarding customer and company information. Included in this program are courses that deal with social engineering, personal data privacy and the payment card industry’s data security standard.

Manager HR Compliance

Educate managers about the ethical guidelines that must be followed to protect their reputation and the reputation of the company. This program teaches managers how to apply Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) practices as well as how to avoid actions that may be considered harassment.  This program also includes a California Harassment Prevention program with four interactive courses, a case scenario practice session, a final exam and one optional course that meets the requirements of the California AB 1825 Sexual Harassment law.


MenuTrinfo’s AllerTrain courses give restaurants an efficient way to reduce the risk of food allergy incidents and costly lawsuits that can damage their reputation.  All AllerTrain courses are now ANSI-accredited.

Multicultural Foodservice and Hospitality Alliance

MFHA’s “Building Better Relationships with African-American Co-workers and Guests” e-learning course helps restaurants drive revenue by raising their cultural intelligence and improving relationships with co-workers and guests.

DiscoverLink’s proven course library offers the fastest way to get world-class training content into your operation. With 25 courses in our comprehensive compliance programs, you can instantly deploy training that was created for the unique situations hospitality employees and managers face every day. By providing your team with top-notch compliance training, you reduce your legal risks and help ensure the health, privacy and safety of everyone who enters your business.

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