DiscoverLink Talent Mobile App

Liberates Training Content, Messages & Resources with Easy Access on Mobile Devices

Set your training programs free with the new DiscoverLink Talent Mobile App designed for iOS and Android mobile devices! The Mobile App provides browser-free access to all your content on mobile phones and tablets, where and when it’s needed. The Mobile App:

  • Provides on-demand access to resources with no login required for just-in-time viewing of training content, operations manuals, recipes, how-to videos, or any content that needs to be referenced throughout the shift
  • Enables messages to be sent to all users across the whole system or to specific groups of users or individuals
  • Allows learners to log in to complete training assigned to them, but prevents unauthorized offsite access using geofencing security options
  • Improves completion rate of online learning for locations with limited bandwidth or unreliable internet connections using Tin Can protocols
  • Delivers instant feedback on deployed resources with 5-star learner ratings and usage statistics by location
  • Facilitates easy onsite setup via QR code scanning with no technical assistance required

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Instant Access to Resources

The Resource area is a great place to provide quick access to non-tracked content such as policies, recipes, how-to videos, menus, job aides, manuals, or links to external websites. The most recent Resources enhancements were designed with the Mobile App in mind, and include:

  • Instant learner feedback with 5-star ratings and comments
  • Better searchability with tags and filtering
  • Easy access to all courses on campus with no assignment or login required
  • Enhanced learner experience with customizable thumbnail views
  • Improved audience targeting by multiple roles and/or skill positions
  • Immediate deployment of updated content to mobile devices via the Mobile App

For more information about Resources enhancements, see the Enhanced Resources Release Notes.

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