Allergen E-Learning Reduces Legal Risk for Restaurants



 New Collaboration Delivers Content and Learning Management Solution Designed to Prevent Food Allergy Incidents

West Chicago, Illinois—June 15, 2015—DiscoverLink, Inc. and MenuTrinfo LLC announce a joint initiative to deliver online allergen and gluten-free training on a restaurant-optimized learning management system (LMS). The combination of MenuTrinfo’s AllerTrain courses and DiscoverLink Talent gives restaurants an efficient way to reduce the risk of food allergy incidents and costly lawsuits that can damage their reputation.

Food allergies are responsible for 200,000 emergency room visits each year, many of which are caused by incompetent restaurant workers. The risk of lawsuits increases if foodservice staff is not properly prepared to handle allergens.

“Training food service workers to prepare, handle and serve food to guests with allergies and intolerances is the most important step a restaurant can take to ensure a safe environment,” said Betsy Craig, Chief Executive Officer of MenuTrinfo. “With AllerTrain delivered on DiscoverLink Talent, restaurants can now instantly deploy this critical training to employees across their organization.”

Food allergy lawsuits against restaurants are on the rise, with damages often exceeding $100,000. A single food allergy lawsuit can also damage a restaurant’s reputation, resulting in significant loss of business.   In addition, four states – Massachusetts, Michigan, Virginia and Rhode Island – have passed legislation mandating food allergy training in restaurants.

One of the challenges many restaurants face is tracking who has received training and proving compliance when training is mandated or when faced with a lawsuit. The new AllerTrain and DiscoverLink Talent solution allows restaurants to automatically assign allergy learning programs, track training compliance and exam results, and produce reports on the training status of all employees across all units.

“The combination of AllerTrain and DiscoverLink Talent provides restaurants with the most comprehensive allergen and gluten-free training that is automatically tracked for easy compliance reporting,” Tom Tankelewicz, Vice President of Strategy for DiscoverLink, said.

AllerTrain is an online food allergen and gluten-free training course that teaches foodservice professionals the proper protocol for preparing food to avoid cross-contact and to better serve diners with special dietary needs. AllerTrain Lite is a condensed version of AllerTrain that is for hourly front- and back-of-house team members. The AllerTrain courses are endorsed by Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE), a non-profit organization working on behalf the 15 million Americans with food allergies. They are also accepted by the American Culinary Federation as continuing education hours.

DiscoverLink Talent is a learning management system designed specifically for the hospitality industry to be deployed as part of a comprehensive e-learning program. It combines the ease of use of social media sites with an employee recognition system and a dynamic dashboard for easy administration.   Hospitality training departments deploy DiscoverLink Talent to reduce training costs, accelerate competency of their employees and track compliance across brands.

For more information about the AllerTrain and DiscoverLink Talent package, restaurants should contact DiscoverLink at or MenuTrinfo at




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About DiscoverLink, Inc. ( DiscoverLink is the leader in e-learning for the hospitality industry, offering a unique combination of content and technology solutions supported by extensive development and implementation expertise. Founded in 2002, DiscoverLink has delivered e-learning solutions for more than 125 restaurant brands, including many of the industry’s leading chains.

About MenuTrinfo LLC ( MenuTrinfo is dedicated to helping those working within the food service industry to protect lives and health. The AllerTrain and AllerTrain Lite programs minimize food allergy incidents, and the damage to your customer and business, if one should occur.

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