Compare Competency Levels with
Location Knowledge Score

View Average Knowledge Score by Brand, Region, Location, or Employee to Promote Organizational Learning

In addition to tracking Knowledge Score for each employee, DiscoverLink Talent now calculates the average Knowledge Score for all active learners in a location, providing myriad competitive scoring opportunities:

  • Create gamification among learners for friendly competition
  • Establish benchmarks for competency or goals for new hires
  • Compare locations, districts/regions, or even brands
  • Analyze with other location-based metrics as a performance indicator
  • Use to prove return on investment for training programs

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Location Knowledge Score on Manager’s Dashboard

The Location Knowledge Score is prominently displayed in the upper right corner of the Manager’s Dashboard and is automatically updated as learners complete additional training. Learners earn points for each training content item they complete, and their personal Knowledge Score is the sum of all training they have completed.