Learning Management without Performance Reviews is like a Trainer without Feedback

No matter how much time and effort you put into creating just the right learning programs, designing beautiful courses, and hiring the best trainers, if trained employees are not performing at their best, your program falls short of the mark. It’s like training someone without paying attention to learner feedback signals or going to school without getting a report card. That’s why regular performance reviews are such an important part of a comprehensive talent development program.

Talent development is an ongoing process that includes continuous training and regular feedback cycles. Performance reviews help to confirm that the knowledge gained during training is translated into the desired behaviors on the job. And if not, then additional training may be required to bring the employee up to standard. This is why we’ve brought learning management and performance management together into one integrated talent management solution – DiscoverLink Talent.

A Perfect Paperless Pair

Just as conducting all training on paper is a pain, assessing every employee on paper is time-consuming and makes it difficult to track their performance history. If you’ve brought your learning management online, doesn’t it make sense to do away with paper-based performance reviews too? In many companies, printing costs and manual administration alone can justify the cost of bringing the review process online.

The real beauty of integrating performance reviews into your LMS is that one process can feed right into the other. There is no need to use two separate tools for performance reviews and learning management. With both features in a single system, you can seamlessly flow from training to feedback, back to training if needed, and then back through the feedback cycle again. If you already have your employees set up in your LMS, it makes sense to add the performance review process there too: No duplicate employee profiles in separate systems, no double IDs and passwords, no extra administrative burden.

Performance Reviews Made Easy

In DiscoverLink Talent, Performance Reviews are integrated with all the tools your managers and employees are already familiar with so there is no additional training required:

  • Managers can view status and access performance reviews right from the Manager’s Dashboard.
  • Learners’ self-reviews show up in their To-Do-List just like learning program assignments
  • Performance Reviews use the same format as Exams and Surveys, so your learners are comfortable with the process
  • Reports and History incorporate performance ratings and adoption status
  • If additional training is required as an outcome of a review, it’s simple for the manager to assign it right on the spot, within the same tool

Flexible Franchisee Option Provides the Best of Both Worlds

One of the unique aspects of this new Performance Review module is that it was designed for the franchise business model. Corporate departments are often torn between equipping franchisees with the tools they need to be successful, and crossing the line to dictating business practices to their franchisees.

This tool comes equipped with flexible local editing options. Corporate administrators can create multiple templates by role or skill position, and provide franchisees the ability to use them if desired. Franchisees have the choice of leveraging the templates shared by corporate, customizing them for their business, or creating their own reviews from scratch.

Franchisees also have the flexibility to define their own review settings, including:

  • Annual, biannual, or quarterly frequency
  • Use of hire date or a specified date as basis for scheduled reviews
  • Option to require a self-review
  • Option to include probationary review for new hires

With the choice to follow the corporate program or create their own reviews, franchisees have the best of both worlds at their fingertips.

The Power of Performance Reviews

Managers who have performance review conversations with their employees should be ready to provide effective feedback and to discuss with employees how they can succeed. DiscoverLink’s online course, The Power of Performance Reviews, can prepare any manager with best practices to promote employee development and engagement with effective feedback conversations.

Close the Feedback Loop

With Performance Reviews integrated into your LMS, you can measure training effectiveness, ditch paper-based processes, and equip your franchisees with the tools they need to close the feedback loop. It’s never been easier to get that A+ without adding to your administrative burden.

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