IP Authentication & Other Useful Improvements

Limit Access to DiscoverLink Talent by IP Address & Role

The new release of DiscoverLink Talent lets you manage where training takes place, streamlines Workbook creation, and simplifies set up of new locations. More specifically, DiscoverLink Talent now:

  • Allows you to control where learners conduct their training using IP Authentication on a role-by-role basis
  • Provides the ability to copy an existing Workbook in order to streamline the development of similar Workbooks
  • Enables Learning Programs to be inherited from the level above when a new location is added to the Hierarchy

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IP Authentication Restricts Access to Your Campus

Many clients would like to restrict hourly employees to access their training only from inside their store, while permitting managers or other salaried employees to complete training offsite. Using IP Authentication, you can specify the IP addresses that are allowed access AND create different rules for each role level on your campus.

You can also provide a custom message to be displayed when a learner tries to log in from outside the approved IP addresses.

IP authentication