DiscoverLink Supports Restaurant Industry Readiness Program

For the third year in a row, DiscoverLink sponsored the California Restaurant Association Foundation (CRAF) Force In Training (FIT) event held across California high schools on October 24th. FIT teaches job skills that are necessary to excel in the restaurant industry like resume writing, workplace behavior, and leadership building. This year, 46 schools participated in FIT with more than 150 volunteers and 19 participating sponsors. DiscoverLink clients Rubio’s, Wienerschnitzel, Auntie Anne’s, Porto’s Bakery, and Lazy Dog Restaurant were among the volunteers who supported this initiative.

“We are so grateful to DiscoverLInk for taking the time to invest in our students,” said Alycia Harshfield, Executive Director of CRAF. “For 75% of the students we serve, this is the only job-readiness course they receive. Together with our volunteers and partners, we are preparing these young people for very bright futures.”

DiscoverLink works with CRAF by providing DiscoverLink Talent, a learning management system, for the FIT event and updating the Land It, Work It, Lead It modules. These modules are the basis of FIT and are used to guide the event and teach students how to be ready for their first job.

  • Land It focuses on teaching students how to get the job they want by completing an application and learning interview skills.
  • Work It emphasizes how to act in the job once they receive it by teaching communication skills and how to maintain professionalism.
  • Lead It concentrates on exploring careers in the restaurant industry, college options, and building confidence to exceed in job positions.

Following the event, students can log in online and take an exam DiscoverLink created that certifies them in the skills they learned at FIT. CRAF will also obtain feedback on FIT from students, volunteers, and teachers by using DiscoverLink Talent’s survey feature.

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