Boost Sales with Two New Hospitality Courses for Managers

waiter at table

Improve guest experience with e-learning designed specifically for hospitality managers.

With hospitality as the cornerstone of the restaurant and hotel industries, it’s crucial to equip your managers with the skills they need to make guest-centered decisions and set the stage for great service.  Our two new hospitality courses help managers develop and practice critical skills that will help their teams exceed guest expectations.  Focused on turning guests into repeat visitors, these courses pave the way for improved loyalty and higher sales by helping your team:

  • Learn to build relationships by creating emotional connections with guests
  • Identify opportunities to enhance and customize the dining experience
  • Practice ways to begin a dialog with guests that makes them feel special

Setting the Stage for Hospitality

Making Guest-Centered Decisions






Take a look at the full course abstracts for more details:

  • Setting the Stage for HospitalityEnsuring the proper setting for great hospitality is the first step in providing outstanding service to your guests. In this course managers will learn the importance of building guest relationships to the bottom line and the value of creating an emotional connection with each individual. With a focus on increasing return visits one customer at a time, this course sets the stage for higher sales and prepares your team to deliver.
  • Making Guest-Centered Decisions:   Improve your guest experience by teaching managers to focus on exceeding, not just meeting, guest expectations. This course helps managers understand the true value of making guest-centered decisions by illustrating the impact of different approaches. With realistic scenarios to practice guest relations skills, managers will learn to make guests feel special and ensure repeat visits.


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