Handy Updates Release 

Based on client feedback, we’ve released some handy new usability features on CrunchTime TalentLink, including:

  • Better visibility of content items list on Manage Content
  • New default sorting of learners on the Manager’s Dashboard
  • More areas for supervisor comments on Workbooks
  • Easier access to Help

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Manage Content Visibility Improvements

We’ve increased the space available for content item names in the left column on the Manage Content page so you can see the full name of most items more easily. This client-requested improvement is now the default view when you first arrive on the Manage Content page. If you prefer the narrower column so you can see more learning programs across the top of the page, just click the << icon to the left of the first learning program. Your selection is “sticky,” meaning that it will stay the way you left it on subsequent logins.

In addition, there is a new “collapse all” icon ( ) at the top of the content items column, making it easier to quickly navigate to a particular content type. This setting is sticky as well.