Good Ideas Release on DiscoverLink Talent 

When our clients have good ideas, we take action! This release of DiscoverLink Talent includes feature enhancements that were a direct result of client suggestions.

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Social Media Links

On the campus login page, clients can now optionally link to corporate social media sites to promote awareness of these resources to their learners. Links can be configured for the following social sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, TikTok, YouTube.

Icons for social media sites that have links populated in your DiscoverLInk Talent campus will appear at the bottom of the login box. Contact your Customer Success representative to have social links added to your campus.

social media links

Mandatory Skill Position

Skill Position is a critical field in DiscoverLink Talent because it is often used to drive automated assignments or used for filtering long learner lists on the Manager’s Dashboard. Because it is not a required field by default, learners can be added to the campus without a Skill Position. When this happens, a manager or administrator needs to update the learner’s Employee Profile in order to have the proper learning programs automatically assigned.

Now, you can optionally designate Skill Position as a mandatory field, and the new requirement applies to both manual additions and additions via Roster Integration.

For manual employee additions, if the Skill Position field has been designated as mandatory, a red box will appear around that field and a message will appear indicating the field is required (the same notification approach used for other required fields).

In the case of Roster Integration, clients can determine a default Skill Position to apply in the event that field is left blank in the data feed. If you would like to specify a default Skill Position, please contact your Customer Success representative.

Faster Dashboard Refresh

We have removed caching from the Manager’s Dashboard to expedite refreshes of the screen whenever actions are taken. This means that the result of actions like giving credit to a learner will appear on the Manager’s Dashboard much more quickly.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule one-on-one training on this new feature, please contact your Client Services Manager at discoverlink@zohosupport.comOr, click the button below to request a sales demo.