Full Width Screens on DiscoverLink Talent

Better use of manager and admin screens is the primary focus of this release, which is now available on DiscoverLink Talent. We’re also announcing several additional improvements for the Employee List report, date management in specific features and language support.

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Full Width Dashboard & Admin Pages

The Manager’s Dashboard, including Reports, and Admin pages, including Campus Home and Manage Content, are now fully responsive, so they expand automatically across the full width of your browser screen. On the Dashboard, this means your managers can see more learning programs at once when they extend across more than one page. We’ve also increased the width of the learner name column and depth of the learning program row so you can see longer names without having to hover over them. The wider learner column also allows you to see more of the location name without the help of a rollover.

You may have noticed that the top navigation bar is narrower now as well, using the same icon-based approach as seen on the My Training page. This allows for more room to see the learning program names. As a result, the campus logo is automatically reduced in size for managers and admins but remains the same size for learners on the My Training page.

full width