Flex & Stretch Release on DiscoverLink Talent

With the new year upon us, we’re announcing some new features to help push your e-learning fitness to a whole new level. We’re stretching our capabilities and flexing some new muscle in response to requests from our clients. But to keep the system as flexible as possible, all of these features are completely optional, so you can choose which to take advantage of and which to ignore.

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Additional Skill Positions

In the past each learner could only have one skill position assigned to them, which was problematic when employees were cross-trained and capable of working in more than one position. Now you can associate an unlimited number of additional skill positions with each learner in addition to their primary skill position, providing more flexibility in how you use the system to train, communicate with, or identify groups of team members. For example, additional skill positions can be leveraged when:

  • Filtering the manager’s dashboard to show all team members who are certified in a specific position
  • Auto-assigning learning programs to learners in a specific skill position
  • Sending messages to learners in a specific skill position

The learner still has a primary skill position assigned, which is used for performance reviews and grouping the manager’s dashboard by skill position.

By default, the system uses a single skill position, but if you would like to take advantage of adding more skill positions to a learner profile, contact your client services manager to have this feature turned on for your campus.

Note that if you currently use roster integration from another system to add new learners, the feed may need to be adjusted to accommodate additional skill positions.