Faster, Better, Smarter Release

Several updates have been made recently to CrunchTime TalentLink and the mobile app that will make your experience faster, better, and smarter.

  • Faster: A filtering feature in Manage Content can improve performance up to 30%
  • Better: UI updates on the mobile app enhance usability and QR code accessibility
  • Smarter: A new Exam Per Question Report provides insightful data about exam and training effectiveness

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Performance Optimizations

In addition to ongoing efforts to remove or enhance legacy code to reduce overhead and calls to the server, we have added a feature to the filter in Manage Content that allows you to hide all content items and learning programs in Review status. These optimizations can improve performance by as much as 30% on key screens such as Manage Content, Manager’s Dashboard, and My Training. This setting will be saved across sessions but can be turned off when you are working with in-progress items, and then turned back on when you’re finished.