Exciting News About DiscoverLink

We are incredibly proud to share the exciting news that DiscoverLink has been acquired by CrunchTime Information Systems, Inc., the leading back-of-house operations platform provider for the restaurant industry. This brings together two leaders in the restaurant technology space to create an end-to-end restaurant management solution that includes inventory and supply chain management, operational analytics, labor scheduling, and now, talent development. Read the press release that is being distributed today for more details.

We’re not going anywhere!

Over the course of our 19-year history of providing e-learning solutions to hospitality businesses, we have always focused on the needs of our customers first, and today is no different. We want to assure you that the same team members you have worked with for years at DiscoverLink will continue to support you as we move forward. CrunchTime shares the same customer-centric philosophy that has been the foundation of DiscoverLink’s success, and now you will have the opportunity to leverage the expertise and resources of a larger organization.

Big platform, bigger portfolio

As the restaurant technology space has matured and consolidated, we have seen the desire of some restaurant clients’ IT departments to reduce the number of vendors they work with. DiscoverLink Talent and the DiscoverLink Content Library are a great fit in CrunchTime’s product portfolio, providing talent development solutions that perfectly complement CrunchTime’s labor scheduling, inventory, and analytics offerings. The products will continue to be available separately as well, but combined, they will provide a powerhouse solution to help you improve both team member and operational performance.

What about the roadmap?

We know how excited you are about the many new product and content development initiatives we have been working on. Our teams continue to be focused on bringing those fantastic enhancements to you, and we will, of course, continue to include you in our product prioritization and development processes. We will begin to look at opportunities to integrate our platforms over the coming months, and we welcome your input and ideas for how we can deliver even more value to your operations.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

As we embark on this new adventure as part of the CrunchTime team, we want to pause briefly to express our heartfelt thanks for your tremendous support and loyalty over the years. We are humbled and honored by the wonderful clients who have entrusted us with helping to drive their learning and development programs. You have brought us a long way, and we’re excited to continue working with you as we focus on helping you prosper in 2021.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact either of us or your account manager.

Best always,




Jeff Tenut, Founder                        John Poulos, Co-Founder & President

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