CrunchTime TalentLink Exam Redesign

Exams have a whole new look in CrunchTime TalentLink with a new design that matches the rest of the user interface and leverages the same conventions adopted with the recent Workbooks redesign. Exam setup as well as taking an exam are now performed all in one browser window instead of in a new browser tab. We also took the opportunity to add several customer-requested enhancements.

Upon launch of this release, all existing exams and question banks will be automatically converted to the new version, with no admin intervention required.

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The Learner Experience

Although the learner interface is similar enough that learners will be able to use exams without disruption or confusion, we have included a number of helpful new enhancements to make their experience even more intuitive.

  • Navigate easier: An updated navigation bar at the bottom of the exam screen lets learners jump ahead or back, go to the very beginning or end, navigate to a specific question, and see their progress out of the total questions in the exam.