Ethan Stowell Restaurant Group Launches DiscoverLink Talent to 15 Locations

Congratulations to Ethan Stowell Restaurant Group on their rollout of the DiscoverLink Talent learning management system (LMS) and DiscoverLink Content Library courses. The Seattle, Washington-based restaurant group launched the basic LMS platform to 15 locations. Ethan Stowell is a multi-brand, casual-dining restaurant group that offers classic dishes with seasonal and fresh ingredients. The restaurant group includes Ballard Pizza Co., Bar Cotto, Brambling Cross, Cortina, Goldfinch Tavern, How To Cook A Wolf, Marine Hardware, Mkt., Red Cow, Rione XIII, Staple & Fancy, Super Bueno, and Tavolata.

Focusing on Restaurant Values

Ethan Stowell decided to make the move to an e-learning platform because they needed to teach employees across all locations about the brand’s mission and restaurant standards. Staff who are employed by the restaurant group must complete a learning program, review a company policy document, and pass a short exam before beginning any other training. This learning program includes harassment prevention training courses such as Leading A Respectful Workplace, Maintaining A Respectful Workplace, EEO For Employees, and Diversity in the Workplace.

“We wanted to help educate our team members, and DiscoverLink offered the courses that were in line with our restaurants and our values,” said Sandy Smith, Human Resources Director for Ethan Stowell Restaurant Group. “The system and courses have been received very positively by the team and have truly helped create an encouraging and respectful environment in our restaurants.”

As employees are uploaded to the system, an email is sent out notifying them that a learning program has been assigned. Since launching the LMS in July, all 373 employees have been uploaded to the system and 90% have completed the learning program.

In the future, Ethan Stowell hopes to expand to include core positional training and manager development opportunities.

“Ethan Stowell is really focused on improving their workplace environment, and they’re on the right track,” said Mike Andrews, Account Manager for DiscoverLink. “Starting with compliance-based training combined with an exam to validate learning is a great approach. We’re excited to see the brand grow!”

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