Donatos Hosts Photo Shoot for DiscoverLink

Recently, employees of the DiscoverLink Content Development team organized a photo shoot at Donatos, a DiscoverLink client, in Nashville, Tenn. The purpose of the photo shoot was to capture photos for the DiscoverLink Guest Service micro-learning program that is currently being developed. Using Donatos as the location allows DiscoverLink to continue building our fast-casual photo library with pictures at the counter and in the dining room. The Donatos franchise name will be edited out which will allow other clients and their employees to see themselves in the scenarios.

“A huge thanks to Donatos for graciously hosting us and allowing us to take over the dining room for several hours prior to opening,” said Ellen Keiser, Instructional Designer for DiscoverLink. “The modern, fast-casual atmosphere at Donatos provided the perfect backdrop for a variety of photos illustrating ideal hospitality and excellent guest service.”

From 6 to 10 a.m., Donatos was equipped with cameras, a pop-up green screen, and many actors playing guests and employees. With so little time to accomplish everything, it can be hard to orchestrate everything at once. Fortunately, many of the actors used for DiscoverLink photo shoots have been working with DiscoverLink for several years so they are used to the fast pace.

To end the morning, Donatos treated the DiscoverLink team to a complimentary pepperoni pizza. They experienced the friendly dining room staff first hand and are thankful to Oscar Fuentes, the general manager, for being so supportive during the photo shoot.

Oscar Fuentes (General Manager, Donatos) and Ellen Keiser (Instructional Designer, DiscoverLink)

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