Workbooks Simplify Multifaceted Blended Training Programs


Traditional manager-in-training (MIT) and leadership development programs, which can span many weeks or months, are often accompanied by printed workbooks that help the learner track their progress through the program. Now, DiscoverLink Talent brings that function online, with a virtual Workbooks feature that helps learners navigate longer-term blended learning and development programs more easily.

Like Checklists, but bigger and better, Workbooks essentially let you combine multiple Checklists and organize them by competency, creating a more cohesive program for learners. Workbooks perfectly embody the concept of blended learning by requiring the learner to check off, and optionally comment on, offline training activities performed in conjunction with online courses, in-person training and exams or quizzes.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule training on this new feature, please contact your Client Services Manager.

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Versatile Observation Tool

Workbooks are a versatile observation tool used to direct learning activities that occur outside of the e-learning platform but are related to an overall training program. For longer training initiatives, like MIT programs, Workbooks let you lay out and track the entire plan in one online document. Like a multilayered Checklist, activities in a Workbook can be signed off in whole or in part as the MIT moves through the program.

Workbook activities are organized into up to 15 competencies that you define. The competencies serve as a navigation tool to help the learner work through the program over time.

Workbooks can include any or all of the following components:

  • Up to 15 competencies organized in a navigation bar
  • Overall instructions for the program covered by the Workbook
  • Competency-specific instructions
  • Instructions for a specific checklist item
  • Learner comments for each checklist item
  • Supervisor comments for the competency
  • Supervisor signoff

Unlike a Checklist, you can choose to make some items optional in a Workbook and still allow signoff for completion. This allows you to require a learner to “complete any 3 of the 5 items” or use similar approaches providing more flexibility in program design.

Simplified Reporting

Just like any other content item, Workbooks are tracked and reported on in the Dashboard History, the Individual Training Status Report, and all content and learning program reports. But rather than checking the status of multiple separate Checklists, Workbooks let you see the progress of the whole program at a glance.

Familiar Builder Interface

Workbooks are added to Learning Programs just like any other content item. The Workbook builder is very similar to the Checklist builder, so administrators who have built Checklists will find the interface to be very intuitive.