DiscoverLink Talent Group Training Release

Leave Comments, Give Group Credit, Color Your World!


We are excited to make three new enhancements available on DiscoverLink Talent for you today:

  • A new Group Training Credit feature lets you give credit for individual content items or a whole learning program to a group of learners or across an entire store.
  • An Effective Date and Notes can now be added when giving credit.
  • And now, to complement your custom login page, you can select the color of the background on the To-Do List to further reinforce the brand experience for your learners.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule training on any of the new features, please contact your Client Services Manager.

(Download Release Notes)


Group Training Credit

The new Group Training Credit feature lets you give credit for individual content items or a whole learning program to a group of learners or across an entire store.  The only requirement is that the learning program must be assigned to those who are going to be given credit.  Use this feature to manage tracking for group training events, like new store openings.  This was a frequently requested feature in voting at our client conference in April.

Access this new feature from the Select Action dropdown on the dashboard.

Our 1-2-3 smart form helps you find exactly the learning program you want to work with, see all the content items in that learning program, and see all the people who have not started the learning program or who have it in-progress.  Just choose what to give credit for and who to give the credit to.



Effective Date and Notes Options in Give Credit Feature

You now have the option to add an Effective Date and Notes when giving credit to a learner for individual content items or the entire learning program.  This was also one of the most requested features in the voting at our client conference.  This means that credit can be given and tracked for blended learning activities and you can enter notes about the activities. The notes will always be available from the dashboard history.

Effective Date and Notes can be added when giving credit to individuals or when giving Group Training Credit.



A Color Change for the To-Do List, Learners Will Thank You!

Now you can give the DiscoverLink Talent To-Do List a unique background color to support your brand personality, upgrade the look and feel of your campus, and help provide a great training experience for your learners.

Your Client Services team can help you choose the color if you like and, of course, they will implement it for you also.  Rest assured that your background color will not change until you are ready.

In addition to the background color change, there are now intuitive icons in the gray buttons on the right of the To-Do List.  This change happens automatically and will be visible to users as soon as the enhancements are released.



A Little Color for Managers and Administrators Also

And there is a little perk in this release for the managers and administrators also.  The buttons on the administrative side of the system will now assume the contrast color assigned for the left-hand navigation and assignment panels on the To-Do List.  This is a small change but it extends your brand look and feel throughout the LMS.

Please note that if you have customized your contrast color, the change of the administrative buttons to your contrast color will happen automatically.