DiscoverLink Talent Enhanced Resources

Powerful Improvements for Sharing Non-tracked Content

The Resource area in DiscoverLink Talent is a great place to provide quick access to non-tracked content such as policies, recipes, how-to videos, menus, job aides, manuals, or links to external websites. And now we’ve made Resources even better with:

  • Instant learner feedback with 5-star ratings and comments
  • Better searchability with tags and filtering
  • Easy access to all courses on campus with no assignment required
  • Enhanced learner experience with customizable thumbnail views
  • Improved audience targeting by multiple roles and/or skill position

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5-Star Ratings

Learners can now provide instant feedback by rating a resource from one to five stars and adding comments. The learner and their hierarchy location are automatically added to the rating, and administrators can choose to delete specific ratings. Ratings can be turned on or off for each resource.

Resources ratings