DiscoverLink Talent Version 3.6


Makes Collecting Feedback & Improving Training Programs Easy


  • Surveys facilitate feedback collection from learners and enable continuous improvement of training programs
  • Training Status by Course Summary Report provides an instant overview of how a specific course is being utilized
  • Dashboard Scrolling Controls improve usability for dashboards with many learning programs

If you have any questions or would like to schedule training on any of the new features, please contact your Client Services Manager.

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DiscoverLink Talent now offers Surveys to help you get timely and uniform feedback on your training programs. This allows you to gather input quickly and continuously improve your training programs.

Surveys are a content type like courses and exams and can be combined with other types of content in a learning program. Survey assignments and completions can be reported on in the same manner as other content items because they are fully integrated into the learning program. From one-question “Did this help?”-type surveys to in-person instructor evaluations to full employee engagement programs, giving and getting feedback can now become a regular part of the learning process.

Eight Survey Question Types

DiscoverLink Talent offers eight types of questions for creating surveys plus an Instructions/Background screen:

  1. Yes/No: A true/false-type question, use any two words as options
  2. Date: A calendar tool for single date or date range selection
  3. Multiple Choice: Choose one, from up to eight options
  4. Multiple Choice (Multi-Select): Choose multiple, from up to eight options
  5. Pick List: Pick from a list of Active Stores or Active Training Stores or manually enter a custom list
  6. Rating: A Likert-type scale with up to seven increments with customizable labels, an N/A option, and up to ten facets to rate
  7. Rank Order: Up to seven options available for ordering, with a choice of label types
  8. Open-ended: An essay-type question, specify a character limit (default is 300)
  9. Instructions/Background: Use for opening instructions, set up or background for groups of questions, or closing comments

2016-04-18_survey images

New Reports for Surveys

Two new reports are available for Surveys: the Individual Survey Report and the Survey Statistics Report.

The Individual Survey Report shows all the responses to a survey for a selected individual.

2016-04-11_indiv report

The Survey Statistics Report shows aggregated responses for a survey. For each survey question, each aggregated response is linked to a list of the names of those who gave that response. Simply click the name in the list of responders to see that Individual Survey Report.

2016-04-18_survey stats

Other Key Survey Features

  • Survey results can be viewed individually or aggregated by location
  • Notifications can be sent when a survey is completed by a user; the notification will include a PDF copy of the survey responses
  • Minimum Level to View setting allows you to specify the minimum role that is allowed to view survey results
  • Both surveys themselves and survey questions can be either available or in review
  • Survey questions are mandatory by default but can be easily changed to optional
  • Survey takers can save and exit a survey without completing it and go back later to complete it
  • Like exams, we have created a cookie to safeguard survey responses in the event of an interruption in connectivity
  • Preview mode to see a survey as a user would prior to the survey being added to a Learning Program
  • Review mode for editing/reviewing both surveys and individual questions
  • Copy feature lets you create multiple versions from a base survey
  • Ability to upload a custom background image

Training Status by Course Summary Report

The new Training Status by Course Summary report provides overall completion statistics by store for a specific course or content item. This report, combined with the new Survey feature provides even more visibility into the quality and utilization of your e-learning program.

  • Available in the Reports section
  • Can be run at any level in the organization hierarchy
  • Can be pulled for all roles or a specific role
  • Shows the number of assignments as well as the numbers and percentages of each of the statuses
  • Output formats include Web and Excel

2016-04-25_16-07-31 status by course report

Dashboard Scrolling Control

Additional navigation is now available on the Dashboard, Manage Content, and Manager Permissions screens that make it easier to view lengthy lists of learning programs or permissions. Left and right scrolling controls now let you move quickly through an extensive list of learning programs or permissions while freezing the left columns to maintain a manageable screen width.

This new navigation tool also means that your dashboard will never wrap.