DiscoverLink Talent Version 3.3


Overcome Exam Problems Caused by Internet Disruptions and Employ Enhanced Permissions


– New behind the scenes method of handling exam submits helps alleviate problems caused by internet disruptions in your stores

– More granular permissions give you more administrative power and flexibility

If you have any questions or would like to schedule training on any of the new features, please contact your Client Services Manager.

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New Behind the Scenes Method for Exam Submits

In the past, each exam response was written to the database as the learner entered it, and this method was prone to negative impact from internet disruptions.  Now, exam responses are held and submitted all at once at the end of the exam rather than as each question is answered.  This will improve reliability of exam grading by minimizing the opportunity for internet disruptions that can cause answer submissions to fail.

In addition, we have created a device-based cookie to safeguard exam responses when there is an interruption.  This cookie is activated when the internet connection is restored and the impacted learner logs out and logs back in again. This means that a simple log out/log in can restore exam results that might have been otherwise lost.

Enhanced Permissions

  • Extend Exam Attempts:  Now, only those who have the Give Credit Permission can extend attempts for an exam that has reached the maximum attempts allowed.  This alleviates any concern about employees extending attempts on their own exams.
  • View All Exam Attempts:  A new Show All Exams permission is available that gives the ability to go into History via the Employee Profile in the dashboard and see all of the views for every attempt on an exam (including those from prior to this release) making review of an employee’s exam history convenient and easy.
Exam History
  • Move Employee Store Search:  Anyone who has the Move Employee Permission will now see a store search function under the employee name in the Employee Profile.  This allows those Managers to quickly search for a store instead of navigating through the hierarchy.
  • Deactivate Employee:  The Deactivate Employee permission has been separated from the Add Employee feature. This means you can assign these permissions independently so you do not have to grant Add Employee permissions in order to allow a Manager to deactivate Employees.