DiscoverLink Talent Version 3.2


Amps up Learning Validation Power


– Create multiple question banks for flexible randomization in exams

– Preview checklists before saving, allow users to add comments and view progress

– Award custom certificates for completion of learning programs or specific content

– Design your own employee and content report


If you have any questions or would like to schedule training on any of the new features, please contact your Client Services Manager.

(Download Release Notes v3.2)

Exam Question Bank

  • Store questions in a bank so you can create questions once and use them in multiple exams
  • Create an unlimited number of question banks for different areas or levels of your business
  • Categorize questions with three classification levels to enable granular randomization
  • Randomly draw questions for your exam from any question bank and any classification level
  • Automatically propagate question edits to all exams that include it
  • Add existing exam questions into the question bank


Completion Certificates

  • Reward employees with personalized certificates for completion of learning programs or specific content
  • Create your own design to match your brand (logo, colors, header and footer) using Adobe Acrobat DC
  • View or print certificates and access past awards via the history page
  • Choose any of the following fields to include in your certificate:
      • Employee first and last name
      • Learning program or course name
      • Certification date
      • Unique certificate ID (system generated)
      • Expiration date


Customized Employee & Content Reports

  • Create your own employee or content reports on-the-fly
  • Select the users to include and the specific fields you want to display
  • Print or export your customized reports for future reference

Enhanced Checklists

  • Preview checklists before saving to make sure they appear as expected
  • Allow managers to view the progress of an assigned checklist
  • Add comments to any checklist item to capture employee and manager remarks
  • Support blended learning by allowing employees to reference a checklist while going through a learning program


Exam Continuation

  •  Measure progress by allowing learners to continue their learning program even if the exam is failed