DiscoverLink Talent Version 3.1


Boosts Admin Power, Flexibility & Reporting

– Customize default permissions by role for your campus

– Edit all permissions for an employee in a dashboard view

– Track certifications and run integrated reports

– Set notifications for learning program events

– Consolidate duplicate employee records

– Get a detailed employee training transcript


If you would like any of these new features enabled for your campus, please contact your Client Services Manager at

(Download Release Notes v3.1 )


Customize Permissions by Role

  • Now you can set default permissions by role specifically for your campus. You can assign your own role names, and establish your own default permissions for each role.
  • Your campus-specific permissions will be automatically applied throughout the system.

permissions by role

Employee Permissions Dashboard View

  • Quickly review and edit all of the permissions for a specific employee on an interactive dashboard view. With a single click you can grant or deny any permission at any level of the hierarchy, and new permissions are automatically cascaded to lower levels.
  • Designed specifically to meet the complex needs of multi-brand and highly-franchised restaurant chains, this powerful tool lets you manage individual permissions in a snapshot view, even when managers cross multiple districts, brands or franchisee groups.

employee permissions

Certification Tracker

  • Keep track of your employees’ most important certifications integrated within your learning management system. Any compliance program – from food safety to OSHA to harassment to alcohol awareness – can now be tracked and reported on along with your learning programs and exams.
  • Certifications can be set to recur on a timeframe you specify, and will automatically appear in the learner’s To-Do List when it’s time to recertify.
  • Optionally, you can require that the learner input a Certification Number upon completion, and you can also add proctoring to require a manager sign-off to validate the certification was completed.
  • And, your organization’s past certifications can be uploaded to establish history that can be important for compliance reporting.

certification tracker


  • Send email notifications when learning programs are assigned and/or completed. Notifications are set on a per-learning program basis, so you can choose different notification settings for each learning program.
  • You can select whether to notify all hourly employees, all managers over the store or other recipients you specify. And, the system offers flexibility for how to address each group of recipients: In the To field, as a CC or as a BCC.
  • Use a predefined email template or create your own, including merge fields to personalize the message.
  • For a reasonable development fee, we can also create custom notifications that are triggered on other system events based on your organization’s requirements.

Consolidate Duplicate Employee Records

  • Despite your best efforts, inevitably you will come across an employee who has two different records active, each with different training data and learning program assignments. Now you can easily merge the two records, and include all training completions, exam records and learning program assignments and progress data on the resulting single record.
  • The most recent record will be retained, and the duplicate record will be automatically deactivated.

Individual Training Status Report

  • A new report provides a complete transcript for an employee, beyond what is included in History. It includes detailed information about training completions and assignments, including grades and number of attempts for exams.
  • The report is accessible from the Employee Profile view and in the Reports section, and can be exported to a document or spreadsheet file.