DiscoverLink Talent 3.0

Makes E-Learning Administration as Easy as ABC


A – Automated assignments based on skill position and conditional rules

B – Better business intelligence with custom reports and key metrics dashboard

C – Configurable campuses with detailed permissions and flexible exam settings


Please Note:  You will need to clear the cache in your browser to take full advantage of the new features.  If you would like any of these new features enabled for your campus or if you need assistance, please contact your Client Services Manager at

(Download Release Notes v3.0)

Position-based Automatic Assignments

  • Now your campus can be customized with Skill Positions, Role Names, Store Types and Skill Categories to enable more flexibility and precision in learning program assignments.   Note:  If you would like to take advantage of these Top-Level Campus settings, please contact your Client Services Manager.
  • Simplify onboarding by automatically assigning learning programs to skill positions based on data from an HRIS feed or using manual registration.  Every new employee will automatically have their learning programs added to their to-do list based on their role – with no administrative action required. 


Conditional Learning Programs

  • Now you can apply advanced conditional rules to automatically assign learning programs based on any combination of:
    • Skill Position
    • Store Type
    • Repeat settings
    • Required/Optional settings
    • State
  • Designed specifically to meet the complex needs of medium-to-large restaurant chains, this powerful tool lets you customize the learning experience for different regions, franchisees or specific brands or other criteria that dictate a unique approach to learning administration.

edit learning program

Powerful Learning Program Attributes

  • Multiple pre-requisites – You can now require more than one prerequisite on a learning program.
  • Associated learning programs – Pre-requisites or other related learning programs can be automatically assigned when you select an associated learning program to ease the administrative burden of assigning multiple programs at once.
  • Categorized content – You can now apply custom categories to courses within a learning program to group them logically and provide a better organized presentation on the To-do List.

Detailed Permissions for Learning Programs

  • New General Manager role – Allows a higher level view of training status for a unit and prevents Managers from viewing peer status on Dashboard. NOTE: All existing Managers will be moved to the new General Manager role in order to maintain their current permissions. If you would like to enable more controls at the Manager level for your campus, please contact your Client Services Manager.
  • Detailed permissions– Provides more flexibility and control throughout the hierarchy for better learning program management.
  • Extend Days – Controls the ability for managers to extend the due date of learning program completions.
  • Reporting – Separates the former Reporting and Dashboard permissions into two independent settings to enable you to prevent managers from viewing the Dashboard but still provide the ability to review Reports.
  • Delete Employee – Permits managers to completely delete an employ from the system.

Employee Data Controls

  • Campus-level options
    • Now you can auto-generate a new employee ID and password based on employee field properties, such as name, birthdate and last four digits of their Social Security Number.
    • This feature can be applied whether you use HRIS integration or manual registration, and includes automated error detection when enabled.
  • Campus- or store-level options:
    • You can now prevent edits to employee property fields.
    • You can also prohibit managers from deleting learning programs that have already been started.

New Learning Program Icon Choices

A new selection of striking restaurant-specific icons is now available to choose from for display on the To-Do List as well as in the Trophy Case. Additional topical options are available upon request, and you can also provide your own custom icons to complement your brand look and feel.


Advanced Exam Settings

  • You can now allow auto-grading of an exam based on the number of minutes the employee has been inactive.
  • You can enable a manager to sign-off or proctor an exam at the start of the exam, at the end or both.
  • When the number of exam attempts reaches the maximum number allowed, managers now have the ability to increase that number directly from the Dashboard. 

Beta Reports Now Integrated

Six new reports that were previously in Beta have now been integrated into the Reports section, and include minor enhancements based on customer feedback (effective 3/3/2015). They are:

  • Employee Reports
    • Employee Listing – Includes employee data such as contact information, course completions, etc.
    • Employee Completions – Details course completions for a specific user.
  • Content Reports
    • Content Assignment – Lists all learning programs to which a specific course is assigned.
    • Individual Content Status – Shows user completions for a course.
  • Hierarchy Reports
    • Hierarchy Map – Shows a map of the organizational hierarchy.
    • Campus Detail – Provides organization information by unit.

Custom Reports

For a reasonable development fee, we will create custom reports for you based on your specific requirements that will be integrated directly into your Reports section.

Key Metrics on Dashboard

For a reasonable development fee, we can create a custom area on your Dashboard where you can display store statistics, key metrics or other custom calculations. Any standard or custom statistic can be included.


New Hierarchy Search

A new search function allows you to quickly find a location at any level of the hierarchy.