DiscoverLink Talent 3.0 Now Available

The 3.0 version of DiscoverLink Talent is now live, and represents a giant leap forward in LMS administration.  It includes some great enhancements that were developed in direct response to customer feedback. With features that automate learning program assignments, provide better visibility into key metrics and enable more customized experiences, we’ve significantly reduced the burden of LMS administration.


Automated Assignments

Automated assignments based on skill position data from your HRIS make assigning learning programs a snap.

  • Position-based automatic assignments simplify onboarding by assigning learning programs to skill positions based on data from and HRIS feed or using manual registration.
  • Conditional learning programs allow use of advanced rules to automate assignments based on any combination of skill position, store type, repeat settings, required/optional settings and state.
  • Powerful learning program attributes enable use of multiple pre-requisites, associated learning programs and categorized content for better organization.
  • New hierarchy search allows you to quickly find a specified location at any level of the hierarchy.

edit learning program

Better Business Intelligence

Business intelligence has never been more intuitive with dashboard views and custom reports that provide at-a-glance insight.

  • Custom reports can be developed based on your specific requirements and will be integrated directly into the reports section of your campus.
  • Key metrics on dashboard provides a custom area where you can display store statistics, key metrics or other custom calculations.
  • Six new reports that were previously in Beta have now been integrated into the reports section.

Configurable Campuses

Configurable campuses leverage detailed permissions to provide unmatched flexibility and powerful customization.

  • Detailed permissions for learning programs and additional roles provide more flexibility and control throughout the hierarchy.
  • Employee data controls can be used to auto-generate new employee IDs and passwords and control edits to employee property fields.
  • Advanced exam settings provide more flexibility in auto-grading, proctoring and managing maximum attempts.
  • New learning program icon choices are now included with colorful restaurant-themed options.


3.1 Release in Progress

We have more great enhancements coming in the next few weeks for DiscoverLink Talent, and we’ll be telling you more about them soon.  Meanwhile, we’d like to hear your feedback on the 3.0 Release.  Drop us a note at to let us know what you think.

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