DiscoverLink Talent v2.2 Release Notes

(PDF Version)

Please Note:  It is recommended that you clear the cache in your browser to take full advantage of the new features.  If you need assistance with this, please contact


New Exam Capabilities

  • New Question Styles
    • Multi-select responses – Multiple choice questions can now support multiple correct answers, allowing up to four responses to be selected
    • Sequencing – Exams now include sequencing questions, where the learner is required to arrange up to seven randomized responses in the correct order using drag and drop.
    • Matching – Exams can now include matching questions, where the learner is asked to drag up to six randomized text labels to the matching text or pictures.


  • Timed Exams
    • Timed exams are now available, enabling administrators to optionally define how many minutes are allowed to complete an exam.   A timer will be displayed to the learner showing a countdown of time remaining, and when time runs out, the exam will be automatically submitted and graded based on the questions answered.
  • Other Exam Improvements
    • All exams submitted for grading can now be reviewed by the manager, including those with unanswered questions.
    • A confirmation message is now displayed if a learner attempts to quit or close an exam without submitting it

Enhanced Permissions

  • Proctor Permissions – Now administrators can grant managers specific permissions to Proctor Exams or to Proctor Checklists without having access to the Dashboard. These permissions will be automatically granted to managers by default.
  • Split Permission – Corp Special Permission has now been split into two separate permissions:
    • Give Credit, which allows a manager to give credit to a learner for a course
    • Move Employee, which allows a manager to edit a learner’s location
  • New Give Credit Options – Managers can now choose to give credit for the entire learning program or for individual pieces of the program.
  • Delete History – When deleting a learning program, a new permission allows managers to choose whether to delete or retain the learner history associated with that learning program.
  • New Store-level Permissions – Administrators can now configure whether or not managers have permission to add or delete employees or to edit the properties of employees in their store.

Employee Search Improvements

  • Managers can now search for inactive employees as well as active employees.
  • Employees can now be searched by login ID in addition to searching by name.

Improved Learning Program Management

  • Multiple learning programs that share courses can now have independent prerequisite sequences.

More Organized Resources

  • Items in the Resources area can now be organized by category, providing more flexible use of this area.
  • Resources can now be searched by name or category.

New History Functionality

  • Learners can now review completed content by clicking a link that launches it in a new window.
  • Learners and managers can now see exam grades (as a % score) in their list of completed learning activities.

New Expanded Reporting (Beta)

Six new reports have been added to provide enhanced insight and data analysis capabilities. These reports are fully functional and accurate, but are in Beta mode for this release to allow for minor changes based on feedback.

  • Employee Reports
    • Employee Listing – Includes employee data such as contact information, course completions, etc.
    • Employee Completions – Details course completions for a specific user.
  • Content Reports
    • Content Assignment – Lists all learning programs to which a specific course is assigned.
    • Individual Content Status – Shows user completions for a course.
  • Hierarchy Reports
    • Hierarchy Map – Shows a map of the organizational hierarchy.
    • Campus Detail – Provides organization information by unit.

New Terminology

We’ve updated field names and labels to make them more intuitive and more consistent throughout the product.

Old Term New Term
Curriculum or Curricula Learning Program
Forgot Password Password Hint
Team Member Employee
Manager Grid Access Manager’s Dashboard
Courses Grid Manage Library
Edit Resources Manage Resources
Corp Special Grant Credit and Move Employee
Delete Team Member Inactivate Employee
Undelete Team Member Reactivate Employee
Edit Team Member Edit Properties