DiscoverLink Supports Industry Career Exploration Program in California

Weinerschnitzel at FIT Day

For the second year in a row, DiscoverLink sponsored the California Restaurant Association Foundation (CRAF) FITDay on October 25, 2016. This year, FIT Day was held at 44 schools for 2,800 students. More than 130 industry volunteers facilitated the 3-hour program.

“We believe CRAF’s FIT Day is a great way to inspire high school students to fulfill their dreams of becoming a chef, or working in management and executive leadership positions within a company, or even opening their own businesses,” explained Mike Andrews, Account Manager for DiscoverLink. This program, facilitated by volunteers from the restaurant and hospitality industries, teaches students soft skills such as how to ace a job interview, how to write a solid resume, and how to approach a career with a positive attitude – skills critical in any career.

Rubio's at FIT DayDiscoverLink’s sponsorship included instructional design support to enhance the content of the three-module program:

  • Land It – skills for landing a job such as first impressions and interview skills
  • Work It – skills on how to be a good employee such as teamwork and communication
  • Lead It – skills and attributes of being a leader such as initiative, confidence and integrity

To prepare the volunteer facilitators and teachers from the participating schools, DiscoverLink’s staff facilitated train-the-trainer sessions via webinar. New this year is CRAF’s use of DiscoverLink Talent, a learning management system built specifically for the hospitality industry, to administer and track completion of a final exam by students in the program. CRAF will also use DiscoverLink Talent’s survey feature to obtain feedback on the program from the students, volunteer facilitators, and teachers.

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