DiscoverLink Products Rebranded as Part of CrunchTime’s Talent Development Solution


We’re excited to announce the new names for DiscoverLink products, following the acquisition of DiscoverLink by CrunchTime! last year:

DiscoverLink Talent LMS is now

CrunchTime! TalentLink


DiscoverLink Content Library is now

CrunchTime! MainCourse


The new names are a great reflection of the value these offerings provide at the core of CrunchTime’s new Talent Development solution, which helps restaurants train and retain team members using learning and development software and online courses. This comprehensive solution has helped more than 500 restaurant brands to:

  • Improve training quality and effectiveness
  • Reduce turnover and create engagement
  • Decrease training costs and increase compliance
  • Accelerate learning and raise staff competency
  • Promote career growth from within

CrunchTime! TalentLink is a full-featured learning management system (LMS) built for the hospitality industry, including an optional mobile app, talent development and performance management modules, and insightful quality metrics. TalentLink is integrated with CrunchTime, so operators can view training status on their dashboard and access details via single sign-on.

CrunchTime! MainCourse is a library of 100+ courses with interactive, hospitality-focused content that’s ready to launch. Restaurant organizations can instantly deploy compliance, skill, and leadership programs for every level, from hourly employees through multiunit leaders. Courses can be customized to reflect your brand, and many are available in Spanish.


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