Custom Login Page Enhances User Experience

final look

You spend a lot of time organizing your e-learning campus: setting up learning programs, assembling resources, creating exams and checklists, etc.  But the learner experience can be just average if your login page does not generate the same level of excitement that you feel about your campus.  Now, with the release of Custom Login Pages on DiscoverLink Talent, you can provide a completely customized login experience for your learners.  This flexible capability lets you communicate your brand message in new ways, upgrade the look and feel of your campus, and provide a great initial experience to your learners.

Here are the login page elements you can customize:

  • Two levels of logos or images to accommodate parent brands, training department logos, or other brand-supporting images or messages
  • Background image for login page, which can include any combination of photos, illustrations, and messaging you desire
  • Choice of horizontal or vertical positioning of the login box elements
  • Color of the login button, and color and transparency of the login box background
  • Color of login help text, Forgot ID/Password link, button text, entry field text, and system message text

Imagine the possibilities!

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