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CrunchTime! MainCourse library offers the fastest way to get world-class training content into your operation. You can take advantage of our amazing catalogue of existing content as is, or have it customized to meet your needs and reflect your company’s branding.

Multi-U 2.0

Turn multiunit managers into great leaders with an 8-course program based on Jim Sullivan’s book.
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Improve success rates, build bench strength, and speed up the process of turning your AGMs into effective GMs.
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Manager Development

Help your rising stars rise faster with mobile-ready courses designed to help them grow.
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Employee Development

Jumpstart team member development with microlearning programs to take them to the next level.
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Build a reputation as a culturally intelligent and inclusive organization committed to diversity and free from bias.
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harassment prevention

Harassment Prevention

Promote a respectful workplace with hospitality-focused harassment prevention programs.
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Manager Compliance

Ensure the safety and security of your guests with compliance courses designed for hospitality businesses.
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ComplianceEmployee Compliance

Help your team become experts at following the rules and ensure your business stays compliant.
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