Clyde’s Restaurant Group Launches DiscoverLink Talent to 13 Locations

Clyde’s Restaurant Group recently rolled out the DiscoverLink Talent learning management system (LMS), DiscoverLink Content Library courses, and internally developed courses to all 13 of their restaurants. Clyde’s Restaurant Group is an upscale restaurant group with five brands including Clyde’s, 1789 Restaurant, Old Ebbitt Grill, The Tombs, and The Hamilton. They have locations in Washington D.C., Virginia, and Maryland.

Seeking Efficient Management Training

Prior to their launch, Clyde’s licensed DiscoverLink’s AGM to GM program through a limited access version of DiscoverLink Talent. Managers had access to this program to assist in building their strengths and skills, but Clyde’s still felt they were struggling to teach restaurant knowledge to employees. Previously, Clyde’s was training managers with paper-based materials, but with the introduction of the full-featured version of DiscoverLink Talent LMS, administrators can now efficiently train managers. By using exams, administrators can see any deficits with their managers and assign additional courses to strengthen their performance. Managers who are trained correctly can properly train their employees and ultimately provide guests with a better experience.

“We wanted to create Clyde’s Academy to better relay product information to the staff through the managers and chefs,” said Michael Kacmar, Director of Employee Training and Development for Clyde’s Restaurant Group. “We’ve never used an LMS, but it has been incredibly helpful, and each week we have more and more employees taking courses.”

Clyde’s Academy

At the beginning of February, Clyde’s launched their campus, Clyde’s Academy, to managers at all locations. Clyde’s Academy currently has 150 learners enrolled with courses on topics that span from beers, liquors, culinary techniques, coffees, meats, vegetables, and extensive wine training.

To reinforce employee training, Clyde’s Academy is equipped with 20 exams with more than 300 questions in a question bank. As each employee finishes a course, their completions are tracked through a leaderboard. Once an employee has completed all 20 courses, they receive a custom-made lapel pin and are awarded the title of Accredited Culinary Enthusiast (ACE).




Clyde’s Victories

Since launching Clyde’s Academy in February, Clyde’s has had 9 employees graduate from the program. The first employee to receive the title was Devon Hosey, an employee at Old Ebbit Grill, and was awarded a $500 American Express gift card.

“Clyde’s has a well-planned path to ensure their employees get the best training they can offer even as they continue to grow,” said Zach Golden, Account Manager for DiscoverLink. “They have been an inspiration to work with and we’re happy to have them join the DiscoverLink family.”

David Moran (left), Area Director of Operations, Devon Hosey (middle), and Michael Kacmar (right), Director of Training & Employee Development.

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