Certification Tracking Made Simple

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We often hear from restaurant training administrators who are frustrated with the challenges of having to track multiple certifications in different programs across their organization. Whether for food safety, OSHA, harassment, PCI compliance or other certifications, keeping track of who is up-to-date on which programs when they’re all managed through disparate systems can be a real bear. Couple that with managing different requirements in different states, preparing reports for various authorities or corporate executives and scheduling recurring training, and it can become a real nightmare.

Now, with DiscoverLink Talent 3.1, you can track certifications in the same system you use to deliver e-learning programs to your stores, making compliance tracking and reporting a snap.

Introducing the New Certification Tracker for Easy Compliance

  • Keep track of your employees’ most important certifications integrated within your learning management system. Any compliance can now be tracked and reported on along with your learning programs and exams.
  • Certifications can be set to recur on a timeframe you specify, and will automatically appear in the learner’s To-Do List when it’s time to recertify.
  • Optionally, you can require that the learner input a Certification Number upon completion.
  • You can also add proctoring to require a manager sign-off to validate the certification was completed.
  • And, your organization’s past certifications can be uploaded to establish history that can be important for compliance reporting.

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Conditional Learning Programs Automate Assignment of Complex State Requirements

  • Apply advanced conditional rules to automatically assign learning programs based on any combination of Skill Position, Store Type, Repeat settings, Required/Optional settings or State.
  • Designed specifically to meet the complex needs of medium-to-large restaurant chains, this powerful tool lets you customize the learning experience for different regions, franchisees or specific brands or other criteria that dictate a unique approach to learning administration.

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Automated Notifications Alert Learners and Managers when it’s Time to Recertify

  • Send email notifications when certifications and other learning programs are assigned and/or completed. Notifications are set on a per-learning program basis, so you can choose different notification settings for each learning program.
  • You can select whether to notify all hourly employees, all managers over the store or other recipients you specify.
  • Use a predefined email template or create your own, including merge fields to personalize the message.

System-wide Reporting Makes Proving Compliance a Breeze

  • An interactive Dashboard lets you see learning program completion status across your entire organizational hierarchy, with drill-downs by region, franchisee or store.
  • Built-in standard reports show course or learning program completion status by user or across all employees, available for export in common document and spreadsheet formats.
  • Custom reports can be developed to provide the exact report you need to prove compliance at the touch of a button.

Take the Burden out of Certification Tracking with this Simple Solution

DiscoverLink Talent makes tracking your certifications easier than ever, with these powerful features:

  • Certification Tracker
  • Conditional Learning Programs
  • Automated Notifications
  • System-wide Reporting

The 3.1 release also includes some additional enhancements to boost admin power, flexibility and reporting, including the ability to:

  • Customize default permissions by role for your campus
  • Edit all permissions for an employee in a dashboard view
  • Consolidate duplicate employee records
  • Get a detailed employee training transcript

Take a look at the release notes for more details on these exciting new features, and contact us today for a free demonstration.



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