We often hear from restaurant training administrators who are frustrated with the challenges of having to track multiple certifications in different programs across their organization. Whether for food safety, OSHA, harassment, PCI compliance or other certifications, keeping track of who is up-to-date on which programs when they’re all managed through disparate systems can be a… Read More

One of the toughest things hospitality training departments face is proving that the work they do has value so they can secure management and operator buy-in. When budgets are tight, training departments are often among the first to face cuts because they tend to lack tangible proof that their programs are delivering real business results…. Read More


According to TDn2K, one of the best ways to improve employee engagement is to provide opportunities for them to continuously grow and develop within your organization. Failure to respond to this need can result in costly turnover as well as negative impacts that trickle down to your guests. The obvious way to handle continuous learning… Read More


One of the quickest ways to get started in e-learning is by automating labor-intensive administration and manual grading of quizzes and exams. And it also happens to be a super-easy way to deliver immediate return on investment (ROI) for an e-learning solution. In this article, we’ll take a look at four ways to use validation… Read More

No matter how much time and effort you put into creating just the right learning programs, designing beautiful courses, and hiring the best trainers, if trained employees are not performing at their best, your program falls short of the mark. It’s like training someone without paying attention to learner feedback signals or going to school… Read More

One of the most challenging jobs for training departments is gearing up for new store openings. It’s a frenetic, fast-paced time that can challenge even the most organized trainers. A comprehensive training plan is required to ensure that the entire crew is up-to-speed and ready to represent your brand, perform their skill positions effectively, and… Read More

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You spend a lot of time organizing your e-learning campus: setting up learning programs, assembling resources, creating exams and checklists, etc.  But the learner experience can be just average if your login page does not generate the same level of excitement that you feel about your campus.  Now, with the release of Custom Login Pages on… Read More

Today’s ultra-lean restaurant training departments tend to spend most of their time on creation and delivery of outbound training programs, but they rarely focus enough time on obtaining feedback about program effectiveness.  We have seen well-crafted blended learning programs that include an artful mix of e-learning courses, videos, exams, reference materials and confirmation checklists, but… Read More

The 3.0 version of DiscoverLink Talent is now live, and represents a giant leap forward in LMS administration.  It includes some great enhancements that were developed in direct response to customer feedback. With features that automate learning program assignments, provide better visibility into key metrics and enable more customized experiences, we’ve significantly reduced the burden of LMS administration…. Read More

Today we released the 2.2 version of DiscoverLink Talent, which includes some very useful enhancements.  The new features were developed in direct response to customer feedback. 2.2 Release Highlights The most significant enhancements are: New Exam Question Styles including multi-select, sequencing and matching Enhanced Permissions including improved proctor permissions and give credit options Employee Search Improvements that… Read More