ABRH Launches DiscoverLink Talent to Serve the Needs of 5 Distinct Brands


Nashville, TN-based American Blue Ribbon Holdings (ABRH) has launched DiscoverLink Talent learning management system (LMS) to five brands, totaling more than 520 locations and nearly 30,000 employees. ABRH is a diversified food services company operating four family and casual dining groups in the U.S., including O’Charley’s, Ninety Nine Restaurant and Pub, Village Inn, and Bakers Square. ABRH also owns and operates Legendary Baking.

Corporate Support

ABRH was looking for an LMS that would support training and reporting for Corporate as well as for multiple autonomous brands. They needed a partner who would be responsive to their needs, starting with the sales process, extending into the complicated implementation and enduring through the life of the relationship.

What they found with DiscoverLink Talent was the functionality to continue Corporate’s role of providing the brands with more than 50 shared courses in Compliance, Coaching, and Leadership, while meeting the unique needs of each brand by establishing a sub-campus for each group. The sub-campus structure allows ABRH Corporate to provide integration with two systems, Ceridian Dayforce and Aloha to automate employee additions and terminations, and also oversee training progress across all brands in a single dashboard summary. Although they had the option to provide a separate custom login page for each sub-campus, ABRH chose to provide a single login page that showcases each of the brands as part of the ABRH family.


Brand Autonomy

Each brand maintains its identity by displaying their own logo and color scheme within their sub-campus and managing its own unique training programs. Each brand has administrative access to customize their permissions, skill positions, and learning programs.

While the full functionality of DiscoverLink Talent is available on each sub-campus, each brand has the flexibility to use the functionality in different ways. For example:

  • O’Charley’s is using the Exam Builder to replace paper exams and completion reports.
  • Village Inn and Bakers Square are using Certification Tracker to track completions of ServSafe and Illinois Food Handler training. Village Inn also loaded 150 of their own courses, while Bakers Square has loaded 84 of their own courses.
  • Ninety Nine Restaurant and Pub has loaded 133 courses and quizzes they built internally on their sub-campus.

Indrani Sen, the LMS administrator at Ninety Nine Restaurant and Pub, finds DiscoverLink Talent “visually appealing, and the clean, modern, user-friendly interface is capable of easily uploading, organizing, and managing courses and other resources.”  She hopes that over time Ninety Nine team members will use the LMS for all their training needs and she looks forward to using the in-built assessment tools for tracking and measuring progress.

Greg Witmer, Vice President of Learning & Development with Ninety Nine Restaurant and Pub says the “most promising feature, other than the ease of use, is that the design of the campus allows us to easily layout a learning path for career growth. A new team member can easily see the course work required to move up from an hourly position to Shift Supervisor and then Manager.”

Customer Service and Technical Support Partner

In addition to DiscoverLink Talent’s flexible functionality, ABRH also found a partner to provide the level of customer service and technical support they found lacking in their previous LMS provider. Sen agrees that “customer service and tech support have been very responsive. The transition process was pain-free with no hassles.” Sen finds the chat feature very helpful in quickly answering any technical questions.

Chuck Willis, Senior Director of Learning & Development/Ops Services with O’Charley’s, elaborated on the support DiscoverLink provided during the implementation: “The DiscoverLink team was with us every step of the way from RFP to implementation, to post-implementation support. They made themselves available for whatever number of encounters were necessary to integrate, load, stand-up, and train the application. The DiscoverLink team offered implementation suggestions based upon prior experience with like concepts, which proved invaluable.”

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