500-store, franchisee-operated buffet and grill

Sales and profits
Top 10% of stores with 99% usage increased sales by 5.5% and profits by 170%
Training certifications
Increased from 45% to 83%, allowing managers and trainers to spend less time on training and more time with guests
Overall company turnover dropped 31%, and new employee turnover dropped 20% within the first 30 days if certified


  • Revitalize an existing e-learning system and gain buy-in from     franchise and company units
  • Roll out two dozen new courses in 4 months
  • Consolidated management and reporting with updating and    tracking via the internet
  • Pre-staged hardware, with 24-hour support for franchisees
  • Financing options for franchisees


  • Developed more than 20 courses in both English and Spanish for initial rollout
  • Integrated with the existing payroll system
  • Delivered immediate scores and results with online testing
  • Provided direct billing services to franchisees
  • Created blended learning approach with fewer printed materials
  • Enabled remote monitoring and management of computers deployed in stores


We took a strategic approach to planning a total e-learning solution for Golden Corral.  “They said, let’s plan not only for your immediate needs, but for what you’ll want in the future.  They really work to try to understand your business, your culture, your franchisees,” says Lisa Schweickert, Vice President of Training for Golden Corral.

We took the lead role in helping franchisees acquire and implement the new technology, arranging for everything from technical support to financing and tracking when franchisees went online. “They took charge of that and made it very easy for my team to know how the new system was progressing,” says Schweickert.

Golden Corral now points to e-learning as one of the key contributors to a significant reduction in attrition and training time company wide.

Because of their backgrounds in the industry, the DiscoverLink team approaches it as a partner in your business, not just as a vendor.

Lisa SchweickertVice President of Training for Golden Corral

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