Have you decided to take the leap from paper-based materials to online learning but are not quite sure where to start? You’re not alone. Since this transition can seem overwhelming, many companies find it helpful to approach the shift to online learning in phases. Often, Phase 1 is simply putting your paper materials online. Next,… Read More

Food safety is a hot topic in the news lately, and many restaurants are looking for ways to quickly bolster their food safety training programs.  E-learning is an ideal solution for managing food safety training programs, and it has many advantages over both traditional classroom training and on-the-job training.  Let’s take a look at some… Read More

With the economy improving and unemployment rates low, the labor market for the restaurant industry is getting tighter and tighter. At the same time, many restaurant chains are planning for aggressive growth, especially in the Fast Casual segment. New store openings are key to driving that growth, but staffing those stores, especially finding qualified general… Read More

We’re proud to be sponsoring the 89th Council of Hotel and Restaurant Trainers Conference in Napa, CA.   We had a great time in the Resource Gallery last night visiting with our friends and talking e-learning! This year DiscoverLink provided two raffle prizes at the Resource Gallery: Devin Games, Manager-Operations Training for Domino’s Pizza, won six… Read More

It’s an understatement to say that the e-learning landscape has changed dramatically over the past decade. When DiscoverLink first started in 2002, the number one barrier our clients faced in starting an e-learning program was the technology infrastructure.  Most restaurants did not have computing platforms in-store, and even fewer had internet connectivity.  In fact, in… Read More

At the Miami Conference, I shared (in less than 9 minutes), the important role that the General Manager plays in the success of your organizations.  It’s critical thus that he/she is given the proper tools and that training is addressed. In our research, we identified specific under-developed competencies which are key in ensuring that the… Read More